A Knight’s Tale — Superbit [DVD] [2001]

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There's no rule against rock anthems from the 1970s in the soundtrack for a movie about a medieval jousting champion, but if you're going to attempt such jarring anachronisms, you'd better establish a..read more

There’s no rule against rock anthems from the 1970s in the soundtrack for a movie about a medieval jousting champion, but if you’re going to attempt such jarring anachronisms, you’d better establish acceptable ground rules,
Writer-director Brian Helgeland does precisely that in A Knight’s Tale and pulls off this trick with such giddy aplomb that you can’t help but play along,
Upon witnessing a crowd of peasants at a jousting match, singing and clapping to the beat of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, you’re either going to love this movie or dismiss it altogether,
Other vintage rock hits will follow, but Helgeland–the Oscar-winning co-writer of LA Confidential–handles this ploy with judicious goodwill, in what is an otherwise honest period piece about a peasant named William (Heath Ledger) who rises by grit and determination to the hallowed status of knighthood,
As if the soundtrack weren’t audacious enough, Helgeland (recovering from the sour experience of his directorial debut, Payback) casts none other than Geoffrey Chaucer (wonderfully played by Paul Bettany) as William’s cohort and match announcer, along with William’s pals Roland (Mark Addy) and Wat (Alan Tudyk), and feisty blacksmith Kate (Laura Fraser),
Of course there must be a fair maiden, and she is Jocelyn (newcomer Shannyn Sossamon), with whom William falls in love while battling the nefarious Count Adhemar (Rufus Sewell) on the European jousting circuit,
Add to this an inspiring father-son reunion, Ledger’s undeniable charisma, a perfect supporting cast, and enough joyful energy to rejuvenate the film’s formulaic plot, and A Knight’s Tale becomes that most pleasant of movie surprises–an unlikely winner that rises up, like its hero, to exceed all expectations,
Jeff Shannon, Amazon,

On the DVD : From “The Rock Music Scene in 1370” to “You Never Know What You’ll Find in a Czech Prop House”, this disc doesn’t scrimp on the special features,
Offering a wealth of information regarding the making of this $41million film, from the jousting (which many of the actors actually performed) to justification for the rock soundtrack and Audrey Hepburn-esque dresses in Medieval Europe,
Along with these mini-documentaries, (most lasting for only five minutes) there’s a mini interview with the new heartthrob of Hollywood, Heath Ledger and a great selection of deleted scenes,
The commentary–by director Brian Helgeland and Paul Bettany (who plays Chaucer in the film)–is a lively and enjoyable romp that makes it clear that the cast and crew bonded on set,
The disc comes with a Dolby Digital 5,
1 soundtrack to improve the “raucous rock” and an anamorphic 2,
35 : 1 aspect ratio to bring the “modernised medieval mood” to life,
Nikki Disney

  • Actor:Heath Ledger
  • Actor:Mark Addy
  • Actor:Rufus Sewell
  • Actor:Shannyn Sossamon
  • Actor:Paul Bettany
  • AudienceRating:Parental Guidance
  • Binding:DVD
  • Creator:Heath Ledger
  • Creator:Mark Addy
  • Creator:Richard Greatrex
  • Creator:Brian Helgeland
  • Creator:Brian Helgeland
  • Creator:Kevin Stitt
  • Creator:Tim Van Rellim
  • Creator:Todd Black
  • Director:Brian Helgeland
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  • ReleaseDate:2002-10-14
  • RunningTime:132
  • Studio:Sony Pictures
  • Title:A Knight’s Tale — Superbit [DVD] [2001]
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