Ally McBeal – Season 3 Part 1 [DVD] [1998]

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In David E Kelley's Boston law drama, Ally McBeal, his lawyers' private and work lives are always inextricably linked, Nobody does anything in the "Cage and Fish" firm without their more

In David E Kelley’s Boston law drama, Ally McBeal, his lawyers’ private and work lives are always inextricably linked,
Nobody does anything in the “Cage and Fish” firm without their colleagues knowing about it, including going to the toilet,
Kelley is as willing as always to embrace implausible coincidence in his storylines for the pay-off of maintaining the high pace and dramatic neatness,

Our anti-heroine Ally McBeal starts her third season with a wet, wordless fling in a car wash with Jason Gedrick, and it’s no surprise that Ally ends up facing Gedrick at the altar when a client asks her to be bridesmaid,
With the entire firm invited along as guests, can she keep quiet about the groom? Well, you know Ally–she may not have any lasting success in the romance department but it’s a subject she feels very strongly about,
The third season sees fewer CGI expressions of Ally’s thoughts and imagination, but the drama is just as colourful,
Billy’s increasing concerns over the balance of male and female power manifests itself in his newly dyed blond hair and his hiring of six PVC-clad women to follow him around boosting his testosterone,
Other highlights include Ally exploring her lesbian side with Ling, Elaine posing as John’s “fluffer” to banish his sexual insecurities and an explosive Thanksgiving party at Ally’s,
There are plotlines within Series 3 which stretch plausibility, such as finding out that Ally’s dad is the man Georgia’s been snogging to forget her husband’s metamorphosis into a blonde-haired, sexist egomaniac,
Ally McBeal does have the tendency to descend into sickening sentimental tosh, like all the “child inside” nonsense in Episode 11, but that aside, it continues to provide escapist entertainment of the first order,
Emma Perry

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