Ally McBeal – Season 4 Part 1 [DVD] [1998]

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The first half of Ally McBeal's fourth season starts with that all important question, the one Ally has been waiting for from day one : "Ally will you,,, move in with me?", more

The first half of Ally McBeal‘s fourth season starts with that all important question, the one Ally has been waiting for from day one : “Ally will you,
move in with me?”,
As always Ally’s romantic dreams never quite become a reality and the series continues within the Grimm Fairy Tale world of Ally’s love (and quirky work) life,
The most important twist this season occurs in the first episode “Sex, Lies and Second Thoughts”–the departure of Tracy Ullman and Ally’s current beau, Brian, to be replaced by the series’ new heart-throb Larry (Robert Downey Jr),
Initially dating both father and son (“Two’s a Crowd”) Ally cannot help but become besotted by Larry’s charisma; he being a fellow lawyer further seals their bond, that is until Larry’s past comes back to haunt him,

Other highlights include a quirky romance for John (“Reason to Belive”), a charity auction leading to an all male fan-club for John (“Love on Holiday”) and a romantic connection for Mark–though the recipient of his affection may have hidden more than he bargained for,
Unfortunately the series was outshone by the real-life drama of Calista Flockhart’s and Downey’s rocky relationship along with Downey’s drugs convictions,
Even though he won a Golden Globe for his performance, he ultimately had to be dropped from the series,

On the DVD : Not much on offer here for Ally’s d├ębut into the DVD market,
The individual episode menu does offer a language selection of French and English and the subtitles for the Netherlands and French,
You also have the option to select chapters from the specific episodes, along with a “previously on Ally McBeal,
” for that little reminder of whom Ally is dating now,
Although standard for a TV DVD release, the 1,
33 : 1 aspect ratio and 2,
0 Dolby sound is disappointing for a television series which offers ground-breaking use of special effects,
Nikki Disney

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