Babylon 5: Season 3 [DVD]

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"Matters of Honour" launches the third series of Babylon 5 with the introduction of the White Star, a spacecraft added to enable more of the action to take place away from the static space station, more

“Matters of Honour” launches the third series of Babylon 5 with the introduction of the White Star, a spacecraft added to enable more of the action to take place away from the static space station,
Also introduced is Marcus Cole (Jason Carter) who, in another nod to The Lord of the Rings, is a Ranger not so far removed from JRR Tolkien’s Strider,
In “Voices of Authority” the show finds an epic scale as Ivanova seeks the mysterious “First Ones” for allies against the Shadows, and evidence is discovered pointing to the truth behind President Santiago’s assassination,
A third of the way through the series “Messages from Earth”, “Point of No Return” and “Severed Dreams” prove pivotal, changing the nature of the story in a way previously unimaginable on network TV,
Earth slides into dictatorship, the fascistic Nightwatch takes control of off-world security and Sheridan takes decisive action by declaring Babylon 5 independent,

“Interludes and Examinations” presents the death of a major supporting character, while the two-part “War Without End” reaches apocalyptic dimensions in a complex tale resolving the destiny of Sinclair and the fate of Babylon 4 (dovetailing elegantly with the events of Year One’s “Babylon Squared”), resolving a 1,000-year-old paradox and presenting a vision of a very dark future for Sheridan and Delenn,
All this is trumped by the monumental “Z’ha’dum”,
In the preceding “Shadow Dancing”, Anna Sheridan (Melissa Gilbert, Bruce Boxleitner’s real-life wife) returns from the dead, no longer entirely human,
In the mythologically resonant climax Anna invites Sheridan back to the Shadow homeworld with no hope of survival,
Just as Gandalf fell into the abyss at Khazad-Dum, so Sheridan takes a comparable leap into the unknown on an alien world,

On the DVD : Babylon 5, Series 3 presents all 22 episodes anamorphically enhanced at 16 : 9 for widescreen TVs,
While not up to blockbuster movie standards these are the finest looking B5 discs yet,
Likewise the remixed Dolby Digital 5,
1 sound packs a considerable punch in the many action scenes while remaining clear and atmospheric throughout,
Reasonable though unremarkable extras are in line with previous box sets, with detailed and informative commentaries by series creator J Michael Straczynski on episodes “Z’Ha’Dum”, and the Hugo Award-winning “Severed Dreams”,
Actors Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle, Richard Biggs and Ed Wasser offer a more jokey and backslapping appraisal of “Interludes and Examinations”,

Introduction to Point of Return is essentially a six-minute trailer for the season, while Behind the Mask : Creating the Aliens of B5 offers make-up artist John Vulich, JMS, and producer John Copland reflecting on the creation of various races,
Complementing this is a seven-minute look at Building a Better Narn,
Designing Tomorrow : The Look of Babylon 5 focuses on the work of production designer John Iacovelli,
Finally The Universe of Babylon 5 presents five short character profiles,
The set offers an alternative French soundtrack and subtitles in English, English for the hard-of-hearing, French and Dutch,
–Gary S Dalkin

  • Actor:Jerry Doyle
  • Actor:Mira Furlan
  • Actor:Richard Biggs
  • Actor:Stephen Furst
  • Actor:Andreas Katsulas
  • AudienceRating:Suitable for 12 years and over
  • Binding:DVD
  • Creator:Jerry Doyle
  • Creator:Mira Furlan
  • Creator:Fred V. Murphy
  • Creator:Robert Latham Brown
  • Creator:J. Michael Straczynski
  • Director:Stan Brakhage
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  • Title:Babylon 5: Season 3 [DVD]
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