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  • The Big Hit --Superbit [DVD] [1999]

    The Big Hit --Superbit [DVD] [1999]

    £12.99 - 1 in stock

    Film fans might someday recognise 1997 and 1998 as the years Hong Kong came to Hollywood, Stars Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Chow Yun-Fat, Jet Li and Michelle Yeogh all appeared in maj..

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  • Spider-Man -- Superbit [DVD] [2002]

    Spider-Man -- Superbit [DVD] [2002]

    £12.99 - 1 in stock

    For devoted fans and nonfans alike, Spider-Man offers nothing less--and nothing more--than what you'd expect from a superhero blockbuster, Having proven his comic-book savvy with t..

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  • S.W.a.T. [Superbit] [DVD]

    S.W.a.T. [Superbit] [DVD]

    £12.99 £12.99 - 1 in stock

    Samuel L Jackson and Colin Farrell swagger through S,W,A,T,, a guns-and-big-trucks macho extravaganza based on the 1970s TV show of the same name, in which police teams are brought..

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  • Hollow Man --Superbit [DVD] [2000]

    Hollow Man --Superbit [DVD] [2000]

    £12.99 £9.25 - 1 in stock

    In Paul Verhoeven's appropriately shallow Hollow Man, Kevin Bacon plays a bad-boy egotistical scientist who heads up a double-secret government team experimenting with turning life..

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