Farscape 4.1 [DVD] [1999]

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In its fourth series Farscape is as much dramatic and romantic fun as it's ever been and it's even more stylish than ever before, A pity, then, that this series is also the show's last, following its ..read more

In its fourth series Farscape is as much dramatic and romantic fun as it’s ever been and it’s even more stylish than ever before,
A pity, then, that this series is also the show’s last, following its abrupt cancellation by the Sci-Fi Channel,
If at times the tone seems a little lighter here than in its gloriously doom-laden predecessor, that is because its story arc is the first half of what was intended to cover two series and some of the material is clearly here for the long run,
It is, for example, probably no coincidence that the priests’ chant in “What Was Lost” has been part of the show’s signature tune from the beginning,

There are five episodes here,
In “Crichton Kicks”, Crichton has been a castaway for months on a senile Leviathan which is waiting its time to die,
He has worked out wormhole technology, trained an orchestra of DRDs to sing the 1812 Overture, and is generally content, until his worldly resignation is shattered by the arrival of the beautiful, bossy and untrustworthy Sikozu, a bunch of aggressive butchers and a somewhat battered Chiana and Rygel,

“What Was Lost Part 1 : Sacrifice” takes them to an archaeological dig where they join Jool, D’Argo and the mysterious, annoying old woman Noranti and start to uncover lost secrets that change everything,
In “What Was Lost Part 2 : Resurrection” Crichton, drugged into bed by the seductive evil Peacekeeper Grayza, regains his self-respect by helping save yet another world,

“Lava’s a Many-Splendored Thing” is a puzzle episode : how to rescue an amber-encased Rygel from the bottom of a pool of lava without getting crisped or shot by renegades and how to use D’Argo’s ship to rescue him when it is keyed to his DNA,
Finally, “Promises” takes everyone back to Moya to find a dying Aeryn Sun and a Scorpius she has promised to protect–the issue here is how to outwit both a Peacekeeper torpedo and an extortionist with a big ship and a taste for hiding behind holograms,

On the DVD : Farscape 4,
has a very useful guide to the show’s back-story as well as an interview with Anthony Simcoe ( D’Argo) and various character profiles and galleries,
The deleted and extended scenes are unusually interesting–there is an exchange between Scorpius, Braca and Grayza which turns out later in the season to have been especially important,
The DVD is presented in 4 : 3 visual aspect ratio and has Dolby Digital 5 : 1 sound,
Roz Kaveney

  • Actor:Ben Browder
  • Actor:Claudia Black
  • Actor:Anthony Simcoe
  • Actor:Lani John Tupu
  • Actor:Jonathan Hardy
  • AudienceRating:Suitable for 12 years and over
  • Binding:DVD
  • Creator:Ben Browder
  • Creator:Claudia Black
  • Creator:Andrew Prowse
  • Creator:David Willis
  • Creator:Emily Skopov
  • Creator:Justin Monjo
  • Creator:Rockne S. O’Bannon
  • Director:Geoff Bennett
  • Director:Ian Watson
  • Director:Tony Tilse
  • EAN:5030305890162
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  • Format:PAL
  • Label:Contender
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  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_DVD
  • Publisher:Contender
  • RegionCode:2
  • ReleaseDate:2003-02-24
  • RunningTime:50
  • SKU:N5030305810160
  • Studio:Contender
  • Title:Farscape 4.1 [DVD] [1999]
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