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Series V : The fifth series of this much-loved sci fi comedy programme finds business as usual for the crew of the Red Dwarf, If one considers encountering an alien squid that squirts a more

Series V : The fifth series of this much-loved sci fi comedy programme finds business as usual for the crew of the Red Dwarf,
If one considers encountering an alien squid that squirts a despair-inducing hallucinogen (“Back to Reality”, voted best episode of the series by viewers and Stephen Hawking), evil versions of the crew (“Demons and Angels”), an insanity virus (“Quarantine”), and a trip to a moon created from the mind of the insufferable hologram Rimmer (“Terrorform”) business as usual! In short, six hilarious episodes, highlighted by the typically terrific writing of creators Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (who also direct two episodes),
–Paul Gaita

Series VI : Series 6 includes the highly acclaimed third episode, “Gunmen of the Apocalypse”, which won the programme an International Emmy Award in 1994,
The crux of series 6 is that the Red Dwarf has been stolen (no thanks to Lister, who can’t remember where he left it), and the crew must recover it,
In their pursuit they come in contact with brain-consuming aliens (“Psirens”, with guest star, Jenny Agutter), a polymorph that turns Rimmer and Cat into their alternate identities from Series V (“Emohawk–Polymorph II”), the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse tricked out as gunslingers (“Gunmen of the Apocalypse”), an army of Rimmer clones (“Rimmerworld”), and finally, their own future selves, who turn out to be particularly awful, and cause a cliffhanger ending that just might spell the end for the Red Dwarf crew,
Series 6 more than earns its popular status among Red Dwarf’s fan base, thanks to its sharp writing (the last series to feature scripts by co-creator Rob Grant) and energetic performances,
–Paul Gaita

Series VII : In the seventh series you’ll witness the truth behind the assassination of John F,
Kennedy, the return of Ace Rimmer (or a reasonable facsimile); an emotional rollercoaster created from real emotions, a very seductive virus; and numerous mishaps involving dimensional accidents, wormholes, nanobots, and male-female relationships,
Highlights include the opener, “Tikka to Ride”, which turns a trip for curry into a visit to Dallas circa ’63; “Blue”, the departure of Rimmer and the uncomfortable relationship between Kochanski, Lister (Craig Charles), and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn); and “Nanarchy,” in which the aforementioned microscopic robots create more havoc than actual repair,
Series 7 has been the subject of much controversy since its original airing in 1997-98, due mainly to the departure of co-creator Rob Grant, the departure of Chris Barrie’s Arnold Rimmer, and the arrival of new castmate Chloe Annett as Dave Lister’s ex-girlfriend, Christine Kochanski (who had been played by another actress, Clare Grogan, in earlier episodes),
–Paul Gaita

Series VIII : In their final adventures, the Dwarfers have all been re-created — even Arnold Rimmer (unfortunately) — by the nanobots, but Lister, Kochanski, Cat, and Kryten are almost immediately in hot water for allegedly stealing the Starbug,
From there things get stranger (or back to normal by Red Dwarf standards),
It seems that everything the crew is experiencing is an artificial-reality creation programmed by the Red Dwarf’’s captain, Hollister (“Back in the Red, Part 2”); Rimmer discovers that despite his recent revival, he’s doomed to die soon (“Cassandra”), seriously thwarting his plan to finally make officer; the rewired Kryten turns a pet sparrow into a rampaging dinosaur (“Pete, Part 1”) and makes a tidy profit by secretly filming women in the shower (“Krytie TV”); and finally, the Grim Reaper comes to call in the series finale, “Only the Good Die Young”, which reveals the fate of the entire crew,
More bizarre than bittersweet, series 8 is classic Red Dwarf lunacy and an inspired send-off for this unique and clever UK cult TV series,
–Paul Gaita

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  • Title:Red Dwarf – Just The Shows : Complete BBC Series 5-8 (6 Disc Box Set) [DVD]
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